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Spanning backups

When you are using removable backup media: CD, DVD, floppy, USB-drive back up to DVD and there is always a chance that the inserted disc doesn't have enough free space to hold a backup. What should you do in such a case? Please don't worry about it. The Backup Tool will create a span backup - split your large backup file onto parts.

Large backups span across multiple removable media

Before starting to write your backup to a removable media the Backup Tool checks if there is enough space. If not, it warns you about that, offering options to replace or erase the disc (for DVD and CD) or to remove some files (flash, floppy). If a backup still doesn't fit  the inserted disc, the Backup Tool will offer you to split your backup.

While many new Backup Tool implement the Backup Tool-introduced feature of spanning backups,  the Backup Tool still has major advantages over others:

Using all free space on the current media before asking for next
Whether there are already some files on the media or not, the Backup Tool allocates all free space on it for your backup to reduce the number of needed discs.
Next disc does not have to be the same size or type as the current disc
You can insert a CD mini-disc after a dual layer DVD, or plug a USB flash drive after another USB storage device. The Backup Tool will handle them all the same.

Self-Extracting split backups

When splitting your backups the Backup Tool creates lesser files of an internal Backup Tool format. It means that a split backup is not a standard ZIP or CAB file. So, you won't be able to use other compression tools to restore them from the discs (Though you can do it after Combining the parts on a hard-disk by importing a split backup).

If you still want to be able to restore your split backups without the Backup Tool, please use the Self-Extracting option. To restore a self-extracting backup - whether it is split or not - just open the backup and tell it where you want it be restored.

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