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Backup Tool for Windows
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Using the Backup Tool to back up a home/small office network

The Backup Tool offers you a number of advantages when you back up data from one computer to another.

As a rule a home or small office network consists of a few computers connected into a workgroup. Such small networks typically don't have a file server - a computer which only use is storing common data. Such networks are also known as  'peer-to-peer' networks. If you have a network with a file server please see our suggestions on backing up a corporate network.

According to the general rule - to keep backups as far from the original files as possible - we recommend the following backup strategy:

Back up small network

  1. Install the Backup Tool on each computer.
  2. For each computer, create one or more projects that include important data (see our suggestions on files to include).
  3. As the Storage Folder for the project(s) select a folder of another PC.
  4. Set a schedule when to run automated backups (see our suggestions on the schedule). Even if you plan to run your backups manually, a daily automated incremental backup will take just a few minutes, but can be invaluable.
  5. Set the Locking Strategy (how the backup will handle the files that are in use).
  6. Set a password for your backups if you believe your computers aren't in a secure place.

Occasional exporting full backups to CDs and/or to a FTP server will be useful as well.

For further suggestions please install the 30-days trial version of the Backup Tool(2Mb) and see the "Backup Strategy" section of the help-file.

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