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Online Backup with Backup Tool

Backup Tools supports two methods of transferring your backups over the internet:

We'll consider both of the methods below.

When sending your backups to the internet please consider the Security issues.

Please read the Scheduled online backups section for details of configuring your Backup Tool to make an automatic online backup.

Online Backup to FTP server

Online backup (aka Offsite backup, Remote backup, Internet backup) is a backup of local files (files from hard disk, CD/DVD, local network, etc.) placed to a remote FTP server. The FTP server can be either in the internet, or in your local network (intranet).

Why to back up to offsite server?


Setting up an online backup with the Backup Tool software is as simple as backing up to a local device with one additional step - entering your FTP server info into the Backup Tool.

It means that to make online backups of your data you have to have access for writing to some remote FTP server. If you don't have one, you'll find a lot of offers for "FTP hosting" in any search engine (Try to search for FTP hosting at We suggest you to use an FTP server that is as far from your computer(s) as possible. Let's say, if you're in Australia, send your online backups to an FTP server in the United Kingdom.

To set up your FTP account within the Backup Tool software please open the "FTP Accounts" window (Tools->FTP Accounts) and enter the following information:

Host the URL of your FTP server, e.g. "Backup"; Online Backup: FTP Account window
Port the default "21" value must work fine;
User Name/Password your authentification data;
Use Proxy Server optional, use it only if you're using proxy;
Passive Mode some servers require it to be checked;

As soon as you've entered your FTP server data, you can select a  folder on your FTP account as the Storage Folder for any backup project. Now just press the Backup button in the main window to make your first online backup. All further backups of this project will be "online backups", directed to your offsite storage. You can switch between remote and local Storage Folder any time you wish.

If you add more FTP accounts, you'll be able to select different offsite storage for each of your backup projects.

Even for your local backups, please consider using the "Export by FTP" feature for the most important backups to have an online copy as well.

Sending a backup by E-mail

Another approach to send a local backup online is the use of the "Export by E-mail" feature.

Just right-click a local backup you want to e-mail at the Backups tab and select the ""Export by E-mail" feature in the context menu.

The first time you send a backup by email you'll have to fill in your e-mail account info. The meaning and values of the fields are  just the same as the properties of your e-mail account in your mail client application (Outlook Express, the Bat, etc., whatever is installed on your computer). You could just open that software and copy-paste the values of the corresponding fields.

Security Issues

If you create online backups in the internet, the backup files could occasionally get into "wrong hands". To avoid the risk of being read by other people, please use the Strong Encryption option for all your online backups. The Backup Tool offers you to secure your backups by applying the 128-bit Blowfish algorithm.

In order to access your FTP or e-mail server the Backup Tool has to store your FTP/e-mail password on your local hard disk. Though it sort of "weakness" in terms of security, the Backup Tool encrypts the password strongly to protect your privacy.

Scheduled online backups

To create automatic backups the Backup Tool uses the target="_blank">Active Task Manager, our automation tool. Within the ATM you can specify a Windows user on behalf of which to run backups. If the Windows username you plan to use for automatic backups is not the same as the username with which you're logging on Windows, please use the "All users use the same FTP and e-mail settings" option in "Tools->Preferences".

Just give it a try

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