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The Backup Tool (Backup Tool) is a backup tool  to make a backup of your important files. The backup tool offers you a full set of backup opportunities (see  Feature list).

You can easily configure the backup toolto back up a stand-alone computer, a home/small office network or a >corporate network.

 While developing your own unique backup strategy, please consider our suggestions: Try to avoid keeping your backups on the disk where the original files are located. Set a schedule even for backup projects you plan to start manually. Use the encryption for backups that will be transfered by insecure channels. Store NTFS security settings within backups. Set your backups to send an 'E-mail confirmation on error' to the address of the network administrator. For automated backups, set the Backup Tool to run your backups on behalf of the user account that has all the necessary permissions. From time to time export copies of your backups to some other location: another hard disk.


Advantages of Backup Tool


Zip- and Cab- format backups. The Backup Tool saves backups as zip- or cab-files. So besides the Backup Tool you can use any compression tool to manage a backup made with the Backup Tool.

Hard disk, network, CD-RW, CD-R, DVD, floppy, FTP server and other devices support. You can choose any drive in your system to place your backups onto.
Full, Incremental and Differential backup modes. You can choose to back up all or changed only files with one click.
Basic backup projects. The Backup Tool includes predefined projects to backup My Documents, Favorites, OutlookExpress e-mails and addresses and Desktop-StartMenu-QuickLaunch shortcuts with two clicks or automatically.
Strong encryption. If you opt to encrypt your backups with the Blowfish algorithm, only you will be able to see your files.
Set-and-forget. Once you've set up your backup-projects, the Backup Tool will back up your files automatically unless you wish to run a manual backup.
Managing backups. You can list files stored in any backup, view and open the files. You can export a backup to another location and import a backup made on another computer.

Typical tasks

Backup Strategy

The Backup Tool exists as two different editions: Professional and Standard (see the difference).

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