Tutorial Step 6: Synchronizing, Import/Export

When you have created a backup copy of your files (on the PC A), you can Export it to another location.

Click Export item of Backup menu and select any removable drive as destination. Backup Tool will copy selected backup to this drive. If your removable media don't have enough free space, Backup Tool offers you to split a backup file to several parts.

Note: Backup Tool doesn't demand to remove all files on the removable disk to provide a split operation. It will use all free space of the disk instead.

If the removable disk has not enough free space to place this backup version, Backup Tool offers you to remove some files from this disk.

Now put the removable disk(s) with the backup into your brief-case and bring it to another PC (PC B).

Install Backup Tool on the PC B.

In order to synchronize needed files on PC A and PC B create a new project and import the backup (Import item of Backup menu).

Backup Tool will:

- copy your backup to desired location;

- duplicate the project from PC A on PC B;

- add the backup to the backup versions list.

Now you can restore the newly imported backup, so files on the PC A and PC B becomes equal.

When you import a backup the second time (or later), open the corresponding project instead of creating a new one.

Note: We recommend to make a backup every time you finish your daily work, to export it and to take with you when you go from PC A to PC B and vice versa.

Also you can export a backup copy to a fixed drive in order to make a mirror copy of your backup.

If the Self-Extracting option was checked at backup time, the resulting backup is a Self-Extracted executable. In this case you'll not need to install Backup Tool on PC B to restore backuped files.