Automated backup example

This example shows how to provide an automated backup of Backup Tool project with the Backup Tool Task Manager automation utility.

In this example we assume the full name of Backup Tool project is

c:\My Work\Archive\my_work.svg,

and Backup Tool has been installed to the

c:\Program Files\Backup Tool


1) Start the Active Task Manager. Open the ATM Settings window by double-clicking the ATM tray-icon.

2) Click the button. The Adding new Task window will appear. Answer Wizard's questions step-by-step:

New task Name - any string at your choice, "My Work auto-backup", for instance.

[Press the Next button]

Task Type - select "Executable".

[Press the Next button]

Command Line - type in or select by pressing Browse button the Backup Tool executable pathname. In the given case -

c:\Program Files\Backup Tool\Backup Tool.exe.

Arguments - type in the following:

/b "c:\My Work\Archive\my_work.svg"

Note: As our Backup Tool project name contains space characters we should include it into the quotes.

[Press the Next button]

Complete the rest steps according to the schedule you need.

After pressing the Finish button the task will be added to the ATM's task list. After closing the ATM Settings window automated backups of the my_work project will be started according to the schedule you have set.