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This page allows you to select if you wish the Backup Tool to use the single backup file for all backups, or to create a new backup file each time you run the Backup command.

In first case every time when Backup Tool makes a new backup, it uses the same .zip file to place included files in. The newly added files will replace older ones.

When you chose the second option the Backup Tool allows you to set the number of stored backups and backup files naming rules. In this case a new .zip-file will be created for every new backup, independently of the stored backups number. If this number exceed the maximum specified, extra backups will be removed without a warning.

To learn our recommendations about the backing up method see the How many backups to keep topic of our Backing up strategy chapter.

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Use single backup file for all backups
Create a new backup file for each backup
Nubmer of stored backups
Add backup date
Add backup time