Main window (Included Masks page)

Tabs of the window:
Included Excluded Files Backups View Log

The Main Backup Tool window displays the most important properties of the project: the lists of included / excluded files and stored project's backups.

To view / edit project's additional properties click the Properties item of the Project menu.

This page displays a list of project's included masks.

The files matching any of these masks are included into backup operations by default. If you wish to exclude some file(s) from backups, select Add Excluded item of the Mask menu and set the mask(s) for excluding unneeded files.

To add, modify or remove included masks use corresponding items of the Mask menu or Mask context menu.

Use the right mouse button to show the Mask context menu.

Unlike some other backup utilities, within Backup Tool you can select files "as is" and/or by file masks using wildcards (My_Work*.*, *.doc, etc.). Specifying wildcard masks is very convenient. When you create a new file that matches one of chosen masks, it will be added automatically to all following backup operations. For example, if you start a new article of your book (create a new DOC- file using MS Word), and your Backup Tool project contains "*.doc" mask, you don't need to care about adding the new file to the next backup.