Dial-Up Settings window

This window allows you to select a Dial-Up Networking Connection to be used unattendedly whenever the program needs to go online. The Backup Tool requires a connection to be established to interact with FTP servers, and to send e-mail messages.

If your system is connected to the Internet via LAN etc., you don't need to select a Dial-Up Networking Connection.

Press the TestDial button to check out the selected connection. If your ISP requires you to enter your user name and your password, you can do so by pressing this button and checking the Save Password option.

Note: After establishing and using the connection you select, the Backup Tool won't hang the connection up. If you want the connection to hang up automatically when the Backup Tool has done, please set the 'Disconnect if idle' option of the selected Dial-Up Connection properties.

Controls in this window:

AutoDial option
Connections list
Add Connection button
Remove Connection button
Connection Settings button
Redial attempts
Time between redial attempts
TestDial button
HangUp button