Be aware of a possible hard disk failure

Computer users today have great expectations of data storage reliability. Many users do not even consider the possibility of losing data due to a hard disc drive failure. Even though continual improvements in technology make data loss uncommon, it is not impossible!

Of course, the backup - is a way to keep data in safety, but sometimes we have no enough time or resources to backup all critical files. In this case we need to schedule backup operations on a expediency basis. In other words we need a way to estimate disk reliability and run backup when the usage of disk drive will be potentially dangerous.

The reliability prediction technology is a way to anticipate the failure of a disc drive with sufficient notice to allow a system, or user, to back up data prior to a drive's failure.

Helexis Software Development company developed special program called Drive Health for computer users who want to always keep their data in safety and be aware of HDDs reliability status. The program uses S.M.A.R.T. technology to control many parameters of your hard disk and notify you about possible disk failures and performance/reliability degradation.

With Drive Health you will never lose your critical data!

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