Backing up strategy

This section contains some practical recommendations how to use the Backup Tool software to keep your data safe.

The Backup Tool is designed to give you a lot of opportunities in selecting your backing up strategy. And it's you the individual who makes a final decision how to use these opportunities.

If you've installed this software, you feel that you need to protect your data from losing. There are many reasons which may cause the damage or even the complete losing of your valuable data, so it is in need of protection. But you don't have to fall in panic and do the full backups of all your files every 5 minutes. The truth is somewhere between the cost of lost data and the cost of expenses of backing it up...

Probably, you already made the decision how to use the Backup Tool. However, we advise to read all the following topics. It's possible that you'll find some things you haven't thought about.

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What to back up
How to organize backup projects
Where to store backups
Which Backup Modes to use
How often to back up
How many project's backups to keep
Backup Project Examples