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Data Protection with Backup Tool software

Data files are the most vulnerable part of your computer staff. Should trouble happen, you can buy new hardware, reinstall the operating system and other software anytime. Data files are what can't be restored without especial protection.

The Backup Tool Backup Tool offers you a ready-to-use data protection solution.

The idea is simple: you piont the Backup Tool to your important data files, tell it where to place backup of the data files and when to do so. The Backup Tool does the rest of the job:

  • creates unlimited number of data backups on schedule you set;
  • places the backups to the location you chose: hard disk, >CD/DVD, and other removables, in the local network or online on an FTP server of your choice;
  • gives you full access to the made backups: browse them, extract all or certain files, and even open them with the default system application for the file type.

The Backup Tool offers you a lot of backup features (see the Feature List) to make sure you'll find every capability you need to set up the desired backup strategy.

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