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Backup Tool for Windows
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Using the Backup Tool to back up a corporate network

Backing up data files in a corporate network environment is what all the advanced features of the Backup Tool are designed for (see the feature list). We offer you a software that fits the most flexible backup strategies you may want to implement in your company network. We also offer good quantity discounts: a 25-user license will cost you almost a half of the price (see the price list).

The only requirement is that all the included files must be accessible for reading. All beyond that is up to you: where to store backups, what schedule to set for full and incremental/differential backups, whether to use encryption, etc. You can  back up network files to a local drive, or local files to network, or network files to a network device. You can back up local or network files to FTP.

Though, your actual network configuration can be very complex, your backup approach will probably look like one of the following schemes:

Back up files to a network server

Back up files to a FTP server

Backup to network Backup to FTP

While developing your own unique backup strategy, please consider our suggestions:

  • Try to avoid keeping your backups on the disk where the original files are located.
  • Set a schedule even for backup projects you plan to start manually.
  • Use the encryption for backups that will be transfered by insecure channels.
  • Store NTFS security settings within backups.
  • Set your backups to send an 'E-mail confirmation on error' to the address of the network administrator.
  • For automated backups, set the Backup Tool to run your backups on behalf of the user account that has all the necessary permissions.
  • From time to time export copies of your backups to some other location: another hard disk or CDs.

For further suggestions please install the the 30-days trial version of the Backup Tool(2Mb) and see the "Backup Strategy" section of the help-file.

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