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Backup to Multiple Storage Folders at once

Version 1.92 of the Backup Tool Pro software introduced the MultiStorage feature that allows you to set a number of folders as a location for your backups. The idea is to let you have more than just one copy of any backup created. The Backup Tool will automatically export the backup files to each of the specified folders.

More safety

If you have just one backup of your important files, there is always a chance to find the backup corrupt, inaccessible, etc. When you keep your backups in two different places your chances to lose the both copies at once are significantly lower. The more copies you have, the safer your files are. Don't put all your eggs in one basket. Put them all in lots of baskets!

More flexibility

The Backup Tool doesn't require all the specified storage folders to be accessible during a backup attempt. The backup creation is considered successful if the Backup Tool has been able to place the backup file(s) to at least one of the folders. This gives you an opportunity to list some folders that are inaccessible occasionally.

For example, you can specify a folder of your wife's/husband's computer as an additional storage folder for your home backups. If that computer appears switched on, you'll have one more copy of your backup. If it's off at the moment, you just won't have an additional copy that time.

Optimized Performance

We optimized the process the way the first backup copy is always created on your local hard disk. Sending the copy to other locations takes only the time needed to transfer backup file(s).

You don't have to place a hard disk folder first in the list. The Backup Tool will look through the storage folder list to find a local folder where to create the first copy of your backup. Even if the list of storage folders doesn't include any local hard disk folders, the Backup Tool will create the first copy in the system temporary folder, which is normally on your hard disk.

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