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Backup Tool: Why to use one

"To back up or not to back up". Are you not certain about it yet? Please let me show you that your computer files are vulnerable and valuable, so you have to protect them. And the best way to do that is to use Backup Tool.

Computer files are vulnerable

Nowadays it's hard to find a person who doesn't know that computer data is vulnerable.

Hard disk failure is the most common problem. Hard disks include moving parts that suffer from friction. It results in inevitable crash. A good hard disk will work fine for five years or even more. But who knows how long will it last? Is it going to fail tomorrow or in two years?

Natural disasters come rarely, but strike harder. They are hard to predict and even harder to avoid. Thay damage our houses and offices with our computers inside. No doubt our files suffer from that a lot.

Human factor is another problem that is hard-to-predict. Can you be sure that your son won't remove some of your files to free some space for his new computer game? Are you sure that the very moment you're reading this text some fanatic isn't making a bomb to explode near by your office?

Your files are valuable

Too often we realize this simple fact only when it's too late. We are used to using our files as if they have been always where they are and they will be there forever. But the problems begin when the needed files are not at their place. Now we start to think how do we obtain a copy. And this is the main issue.

My "C:" drive contains about 180,000 files. About 90% of them are system, program or temporary files. It's not a big trouble for me to reinstall the system and applications. But there are other 10% of files, which are not so easy to recover. For instance, I have a file with post addresses and phone numbers of all my former fellow students. I can't imagine how would I find them all, if I happened to lose that file.

Do you store your digital photos on your disk? Are there your little daughter's first computer paintings? Have you just completed your scientific article to be presented at the next week's conference? Does your small company have a database of your prospective customers? Now just imagine: these files are gone...

Backup Tool is the best solution

When one realizes that his/her files are both valuable and vulnerable, the first thing that comes to mind is to make a copy. At first glance Backup Tool does the very same thing - makes copies of your files at places you want at moments you want. So, if it's you who has to take care of all these things, why again would you care to pay your money for Backup Tool? To pay your attention studying to work with the Backup Tool?

Well, it's your files so it's you who is in charge, so please don't complain.

The first what Backup Tool gives you is a chance to think deeply about your files. Which of them are most important? As a rule you buy Backup Tool to protect some particular files. But then you realize that there are other valuable files to be protected.

Next, with Backup Tool you decide where to place a backup of family photos and where your articles. When to back up the company database and when the documentation, etc., etc. We call it "to develop your backup strategy". Good Backup Tool allows you to make changes in your backup strategy with easy.

And finally, "set-and-forget" is the real magic of Backup Tool. Don't be afraid anymore to place a copy into a wrong place or to copy wrong files or to make a copy at last. It's like a good employee which once being instructed properly will do the job by himself. The only difference is that you pay him just one-shot salary.

Just give it a try

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