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Backup Toolsoftware: keep your data alive

Backup tool is what you'll want to install on your computer as soon as you realize that you can't afford to lose some of your files.

Backup Tool: you need one

There is a number of approaches how to protect computer files from different accidents: an antiviral tool, a mirror drive, etc. They are surely good, however, such approaches serve to protect ALL files in the system, so that your valuable data is considered as just one of thousands. Nothing can replace a Backup Tool that takes care of the files you point it to explicitly. With a Backup Tool you can have more copies of your valuable files, in more places, more often. As a result, you have more safety for your files.

Backup Tool: choose the right one

When choosing which Backup Tool will fit best for you, please consider the following aspects that are often overlooked:

  • Stability. If a Backup Tool fails to work flawlessly, you'll hardly trust your files to it.
  • Backup Format. A good Backup Tool will store your files in a format that allows you to access the stored files with other common applications.
  • Incremental/Differential backups. If you have a lot of files to backup, you'll need this feature to reduce the backup time significantly.
  • Support for different types of output devices. You'll probably want your backups to be placed to different locations: another hard disk, CD/DVD, network drive, etc. (the more - the safer), or even sent online to an FTP server , or by e-mail (put farther to take closer).
  • Security. A good Backup Tool will offer you an option to encrypt your backups, so that others won't be able to see your private files.
  • Technical Support responsiveness. While setting up a new Backup Tool you may need some assistance. It's great when you can easily reach the software supplier and get some help.

Another matter to consider is the cost-effectiveness of a Backup Tool. Looking at a multi-thousand-dollar backup package from a large software company, just ask yourself, will you pay that much for those extremely clever features which you won't ever try?

Backup Tool: our view on Backup Tool

Being Backup Tool users ourselves, we in Backup Tool tried to create a backup tool that we'd like to use with our own files. We tried to find a proper balance between "full-featured", "easy-to learn", "easy-to-set up" and "easy-to-use". We believe you'll have some good experience with our Backup Tool.

Just give it a try

Please download your free trial of Backup Tool at

abestd.exe (2.4 Mb)

If you've found our Backup Tool not good enough for your needs, please drop a message to We're very receptive to any suggestions and criticism. We're thankful to all the people who sent us their feedback. More than a half of the features of the Backup Tool are a direct result of people's suggestions. If you share your dreams with us, we'll try to make them real.