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Backup Tool to backup files to DVD, CD, FTP and network

This Backup Tool creates automated zip- or cab-format backups of local and network files on hard disks, DVD, CD and other removable devices, local network (see corparate network backup for details) or FTP site.

A Wizard guides you through the steps of the backup-set creation: selecting the folders and filters for included and excluded files, specifying the storage folder and setting to schedule. Once you have configured your backup-sets, the Backup Tool will create the unlimited number of backups at timed moments. Though you can use a shortcut or a hotkey to launch a backup anytime you wish.

When you use Incremental or Differential mode the Backup Tool will back up only new and changed files.

You can easily restore the files from any backup, view or edit their content. With the export and import features you can use the Backup Tool to synchronize the folders on two or more PCs and to span large backups across multiple discs. Other features include selecting files by date, size and attributes, Blowfish backup encryption, creating self-extracting backups, the support for the Command-line and ActiveX automation. The ample documentation is available. The Backup Tool Pro creates the unattended backups by using the Active Task Manager included into the installation package. This automation utility can work as a stand-alone application to help you to schedule other tasks. Though, the Backup Tool supports the MS Task Scheduler to automate your backups as well.

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