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Features of Backup Tool

Main Features


Backup Tool stores backups in the standard ZIP or CAB format, so in addition to Backup Tool you can use any compression tool to manage Backup Tool-made backup files.
Backup Tool supports inclusion and exclusion of files by wildcard mask as well as by exact file name. So new files, matching an entered mask, will be included to or excluded from new backups without any care.
Within Backup Tool you can store as many backup versions as you wish.
You can browse files stored in any backup, view them and even open them with the default system editor.
Using command line arguments you can order Backup Tool to create or restore a backup without any interaction with you. It lets to use Backup Tool in any automation utility to make scheduled backups.
Backup Tool supports an ActiveX Automation, so you can control it within your own application;

New in Version 2.11


Now you can backup and restore the Windows Registry (Pro only).
With new Folder Macros you can create portable backup projects to run the same way under different platforms (Pro only).
The Backup Tool includes predefined projects to backup My Documents, Favorites, OutlookExpress e-mails and addresses and Desktop-StartMenu-QuickLaunch shortcuts with two clicks or automatically.

Other Features of Backup Tool


scheduling the backup creation using the Active Task Manager and MS Task Scheduler (Pro only);
exporting and Importing backups by FTP;
sending a backup by e-mail;
filtering files by size and attributes (Pro only);
filtering files by the modification date (Pro only);
storing NTFS Security settings of contained files (Pro only);
strong blowfish encryption of backups(Pro only);
sending a customizable e-mail notification with a backup creation details(Pro only);
sending backups by FTP directly on creation;
setting the CPU Affinity Mask for the backup thread(Pro only);
creating a Comments History by grabbing comments from all made backups;
New Project wizard;
possibility to cleanup a removable media before exporting to it;
protecting a backup version with a password;
supporting the .SVG file extension. Double-click the Backup Tool-project file name in the Windows Explorer to open the project with the Backup Tool. Right-click the filename to display the context menu.
createing a shortcut to the opened Backup Tool-project at the Desktop, Start menu or wherever you want for quick access;
starting the Backup Tool with an Backup Tool-project filename as a command line argument opens this project with the Backup Tool;
recording backups to CD, DVD, Blu-Ray, HD-DVD;
setting a maximum backup versions number, autodeleting extra oldest backup versions;
exporting/importing a backup versions to/from another location;
splitting a backup version file into a number of removable disks;
testing a backup version integrity;
deleting a backup version;
extracting/deleting a selected file from existing backup version;
creating Self-Extracting backups;
placing comments to a backup version;
option to back up only files newer then specified date-time;
option to back up only files with the Archive bit set;
the Localization facility allows the Backup Tool to display all the strings in different languages;
custom backup compression ratio;
Universal Naming Convention (UNC) names support;
support for Drag-n-Drop files and folders from Windows Explorer;
setting the Dial-Up Networking Connection to be used unattendedly when the Backup Tool needs to go online;
storing state of all controls, so Backup Tool will start in the state it was closed the last time;
sorting list views on data of any column;
two sets of toolbar button images;
low and high color toolbar images.

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