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The products we offer are not a free software. However, you may install and evaluate it during 30 days without any charge.

If after 30 days you still have not registered Backup Tool, you'll not be able to create a new backup. However you'll be able to restore, import or export existing backups.

Downloading and installing

This section explaines what you have to do in order to get our products working on your computer.

To install any of the programs you should have the program distribution package on your local storage device. Select one of the following links to start downloading the program distribution package.

Product & Version Release Date Size, Kb Web-site Country
Backup Tool Professional Edition
Backup Tool 2.11 Professional June 2, 2008 4,285 USA
User's Guide January 17, 2003 103 USA
Backup Tool Standard Edition
Backup Tool 2.11 Standard June 2, 2008 2,951 USA
User's Guide January 17, 2003 103 USA

As a rule we release a new version of our programs every one-two monthes. So you might add this page to your browser's favorites to revisit our site often. Another way to know that a new version of Backup Tool is available for downloading is to subscribe to our free newsletter. Please use the little form in the bottom of left panel to join.

You can download the package using one of links at this web-page or find it in some software CD-collection. There are many sites in the Internet that are linked to our web-site or stored package themselves.

Be aware that Backup Tool is not responsible for distribution packages you may obtain from the origin that is not listed at this web-page. Do not use links at software-pirate sites to download  installation packages!

How to download

Click one of the links in the table above to start a downloading process with your Internet browser. If you wish to be sure your download won't be broken, automate your downloads with ReGet - the best download manager we know.

How to install

The distribution package you've just downloaded is either an executable or a standard ZIP-file. To install an executable package please run it, and answer the setup questions. To install a ZIP package you'll have to extract the files contained in with any zip-tool. Some good ZIP-tools such as WinZip allow you to launch a setup program directly from within a ZIP-file.

Start the setup program and follow its instructions.

If you have installed an older version of this software, do not uninstall it before setting up a newer version. Install a newer version over the older one instead. This helps you to keep all the program data in the new version.

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