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Backup Software for Windows
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Using the ABE to back up a stand-alone computer

Being a full-featured backup software, the ABE remains a rather simple tool.

All you need to get your files protected is create a new backup-project:
New item of Project menu

and answer the questions of the New Project Wizard:
New Backup-Project Wizard

  1. A name for you project;
  2. Which files to include and to exclude (see our suggestions on files to include);
  3. Where to place backups (see our suggestions on the folder to store backups);
  4. When to perform automated backups (see our suggestions on the schedule);
  5. Optional settings you may want to make - default settings must do well for a stand-alone computer.

After you pressed the Finish button, the ABE offers you to create a desktop shortcut to run backups of the selected files.

That's all. Just click the shortcut you created to run the backup:
shortcut.gif (710 bytes)

or wait for the scheduled time to come.

To study to work with the ABE in detail please install the 30-days trial version of the ABE(2Mb) and read the Tutorial and the Backup Strategy sections of the help.

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