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Backup Software for Windows
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Which Backup Modes to use

The ABE offers you three backup modes:

  • Full: All files that match your selection are included into the backup.
  • Incremental: Only those files will be included which have been changed since the last backup.
  • Differential: Only those files will be included which have been changed since the last FULL backup.

We suggest you to choose one of the following three approaches of using the Backup Modes:

  1. "Always Full" - every time you back up all project's included files, whether some of them were changed or not. This approach is good when the project includes not so large amounts of data.
  2. "Full+Incremental" - you create a full backup relatively seldom: once a month, or once a week, or on achieving some important point in your work. All other backups you create with Incremental mode, getting backed up only files changed since the last backup (whatever its mode was). This approach is good when the project includes too many files to back up them all each time. It's fast and takes less time for incremental backups. Incremental backups take less disk space. It allows you to create backups frequently. However, to restore all the files, you have to restore the last full backup, and all the following incremental backups.
  3. "Full+Differential" - is intermediate between the first two approaches. It is also good when the conditions are intermediate. Each differential backup includes all the project files changed since the last full backup. It takes less time and space than "Always Full", but more than "Full+Incremental". The good thing is that restoring is simpler than for (2) - you'll have to restore the last full backup and the last differential backup.

You can choose any approach for each of your projects according to their size and frequency of file modifications. E.g. if almost all the included files appear changed before an incremental backup starts, the incremental backup will be almost of the same size as a full backup would be. If so, let it be "Always Full" to simplify the restoring.

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