What is new in this version?

There are new features of Active Backup Expert with a short description of each below:

New in Version 1.91

The "Store NTFS Security" option is now available at the Pro edition's Advanced Props Page.

New in Version 1.90

Backup Modes (Default, Full, Incremental, Differential) are implemented.

Now in addition to the zip-format, the ABE supports the multivolume CAB-file format backups.

New in Version 1.80

Now the ABE supports writing backups to CD recorder by using the CD-recording facility of Windows XP.

New in Version 1.70

This version allows you to use the Archive bit logict to select files to back up, and clear the Archive bit of files that have been backed up successfully.

This version supports localization of all string resources to other languages.

The new logging style helps you to see what is actually happening within the program.

New in Version 1.52

Now you can select the Dial-Up connection to be used unattendedly when the ABE needs to go online.

The new logging style helps you to see what is actually happening within the program.

New in Version 1.51

Now you can send confirmation if the backup was created by e-mail.

The strong blowfish encryption of a backup is implemented. ABE saves strongly encrypted backups as files with 'sen' extension.

New in Version 1.50

Now you can store your backups at remote location by FTP as easily as you did locally and send a backup by e-mail.

This version allows to span a backup directly to removable disks and avoids the necessity of intermediate backup creation.

New in Version 1.40

Filtering by file size and attributes has been implemented in the ABE Pro.

Now the ABE will exist in two modifications, the ABE (as is) and the ABE Pro. The ABE Pro have more powerful features to serve admins and experienced users. The ABE is lighter modification and intended for individual user without requirement of special skill.

New in Version 1.30

Now the ABE supports the .SVG file type. When you right-click the .SVG file icon in the Windows Explorer the context menu appeared contains the Open with ABE and Create Backup commands.

The possibility to create shortcuts to an ABE-project on the Desktop or in the Start Menu has been added.

New in Version 1.22

The possibility to abort the compression of a large file immediately has been added.

When the user is about to restore a backup the ABE displays an additional Are-You-Sure message.

Now if the non-critical errors happen during the scan or backup operation, the ABE delays the output of the error message until the operation completes.

New in Version 1.21

Algorithm of File Find have been greatly improved. Now it works 5-10 times faster.

The issue with aborting the scanning for included files on error has been corrected. Now if an error occurs during scanning, the scanning process continues without error message displaying. The error message wtites into the log-file.

The possibility to specify the backup/restore thread priority has been added.

Now when you open the Select Mask window second time for adding a new mask it starts from the last folder that have been selected.

Pasting the registration key from the clipboard have been added to the Registration window.

New in Version 1.20:

Locking included files. Now yoou have three options how to work with files that are in use by another application. [More info]

Files excluding by mask, as well as including ones.

Filter Organizer window helps to view/edit all aspects of filters used in the Select Mask window.

New in Version 1.10:

Comments History - cool new feature allows you to view and edit all comments, entered for backup versions, as one text. Select the "Comments History" item of the "Projects" menu to open the Comments History window and click Go button.

New Project Wizard was designed to help you create a new project. Now you can create new projects step-by-step.

Removable media cleanup. When you export a backup version to a removable media and the media has not enough free space to place the backup version completely, ABE opens Removable media not empty window. Using this window you can browse the media and possibly remove some (or all) files.