Tutorial Step 7: Storing backups remotely

You can export and import your backups to/from a remote server by FTP protocol. Whether your remote server is, in the LAN, your intranet or the Internet, you can place your backups there by selecting the backup and issuing the command Export by FTP.

Right-click the backup to be exported. Select the Export by FTP item. Select the desired FTP account at the Browse FTP account window appeared. Press the Connect button. Select the target folder in the list of remote folders. When you press the Ok button, the ABE starts the backup file transfer.

To import the remote backup select the Import by FTP item of the Export/Import menu. Next do as you did when exporting by FTP. The only difference is that you need to select a backup file, not a folder.

You can synchronize files using the FTP account by the same way as we did in the Step 6 of this Tutorial.

Ask your computer consultant how you can obtain the FTP account to store your backups on.