Tutorial Step 5: Providing Automated Backups

The ABE has no internal scheduler. However the ABE has special facilities that allow you to create unattended backups.

Pro version:

Use the Schedule page of the Project Properties window to set the backup creation to schedule.

The ABE Pro distribution package contains the Active Task Manager automation utility. So that users of the Pro version don't need anything else to create the scheduled backups.

Both versions:

Using ABE Command-line support you can create automated backups with any automation utility that can launch an exe-file. Open your favorite automation utility and add a task to start ABE executable abe.exe with the following command-line arguments:

/b <ABE project for auto-backup>

Here the <ABE project for auto-backup> is a full name (with a path) of ABE project you wish to start automatically. See your automation utility documentation to learn how to set a schedule for the task.

The following example shows how to create an automated backup of a sample ABE project with the Active Task Manager.