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Backup Software for Windows
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Two Editions of Active Backup Expert

The ABE exists as two different editions: Professional (Pro) and Standard (Std).
The Pro Edition is the most powerful and popular ABE version. In addition to all the features of the Standard Edition the Pro has a number of advanced features (see the table below).
The Pro Edition is intended for all computer users, either corporative or individual, who need a flexible and powerful backup tool to back up their PCs or local-area networks.
The ABE Pro installation package contains our Active Task Manager automation tool. Not only it provides the ABE with the ability to create unattended backups. You are free to use the Active Task Manager to schedule your other tasks. By ordering the ABE Pro you have in fact two utilities in one package!
The Standard Edition is the light-weight version of the ABE. It just has a number of advanced features blocked. Though the abilities of the Standard edition are enough for simpler backup tasks, we recommend you to pick the Standard Edition only if you are sure your backups won't demand more.
The Standard Edition is mostly suitable for individual and home users to create manual backups of local files and to synchronize files between two or more PCs.
If you purchased the Standard Edition, and then discovered that you should have chosen the Pro, please send a message to our Sales Department for upgrade.
The Main differences of Standard and Professional ABE editions
Feature Standard Edition Professional Edition
Price $19.95 US $45.00 US
The Active Task Manager  included No Yes
Scheduling the backup creation No Yes
Selecting the file locking strategy No Yes
Protecting a backup with a password No Yes
Support for backing up network files Mapped drives only(*) Full
Selecting files by date, size and attributes No Yes
Storing NTFS file security No Yes
(*) With the ABE Std you have to assign a drive letter to a network folder to back up the network folder files.

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